Software Development Engineer



a year ago


In this role, you will contribute to the development of id8 - the next web platform of the Noesis product Optimus. You will work with a team following the agile development methodology to deliver high quality and efficient software components. Always searching for the best solutions, driven by passion for programming and with an eye for detail, you are not satisfied with average solutions. Your drive for excellence, analytical skills and focused attitude result in error free code. You operate in a dynamic international environment in which requirements change quickly.

Day-to-day functions include:

  • Cooperation with peers to define design for new software modules
  • Coding according to specifications, to implement new software features
  • In-depth testing of software, guaranteeing no regression in legacy code
  • Resolving customer problems
  • The size of the company does not result in a strict quota of activities, you may be asked to participate in ancillary or temporary tasks


  • Excellent communication, quick learning, problem solving, strong time management and organizational skills with ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Drive for innovation and excellence
  • Strong presentation and interpersonal skills

Preferred Qualifications:

You should hold a master degree in applied computer sciences or a university degree in software engineering or information technology. You should have at least seven years of relevant experience in developing web-based applications.

Required experience includes:

  • Object Oriented programming: Java, Scala, C++ (is a plus)
  • Relational databases & SQL
  • Application servers
  • ORM (Hibernate, JPA, OpenJPA, ...)
  • IDE's (Intellij, Eclipse, ...)
  • Unit testing (JUnit, TestNG, mocking, ...)
  • Windows, Linux
  • Basic HTML
  • Functional Programming is a plus

Practical experience should include:

  • Java Enterprise Edition 7 and up
  • Scala
  • Spring
  • Maven
  • Hibernate (is a plus)
  • Java Web Toolkit (JWt)
  • HTML5
  • Javascript & CSS
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • UML software design
  • SCM (mercurial, git, csv, subversion, ...)
  • CI (Jenkins/…)
  • Integration testing
  • Front-end testing (Selenium, ...)
  • Load/Stress testing (jMeter, ...)
  • Security schemes (authentication, authorization, certificates, ...)
  • Document indexing (Hibernate Search, Lucene, ...)
  • Profiling tools (VisualVM, jProfiler, ...)
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